Custom Mouth Guards for Sport in Bristol

Anyone who plays contact sport should wear a mouth guard, no matter what their age.

Stuart Lawson 
Practice Owner

Mouth guards are able to give your teeth and surrounding soft tissue much needed protection from injury when playing a number of different sports. We provide a custom fitting mouth guard service for both adults and children at a very reasonable price.

Mouth Guards Are Mandatory in School

All schools now insist that if your child plays hockey, rugby or a similar sport they must wear a mouth guard. We believe this to be a sensible course of action and recommend that parents take advantage of our mouth guard service.

Why Have A Custom Fitted Mouth Guard?

We believe a custom fitted mouth guard provides greater protection and are significantly more comfortable to wear than the widely available boil and bite mouth guards. This is a popular dental service in Bristol that many of our patients are keen to take advantage of.

Custom fitted mouth guards are:

  • Not as bulky.
  • More comfortable. The danger is that if the mouth guard is uncomfortable then your child will not wear it on their teeth, but slip it forward to the front of their mouth where it will not provide sufficient protection in the event of an accident.
  • Able to protect both the tooth and the root below the gum. This means that a tooth is less likely to be broken, knocked-out, or even displaced when compared to a standard fitted mouth guard.

To see what can happen if you don't wear the right mouth guard check out this story from the Daily Mail. This poor young woman wore a cheap mouth guard.

Be warned however, the picture is a bit gruesome.

We Offer A Variety of Colours and Designs

We are able of offer mouth guards in a variety of colours. You can also pick from a number of design options. You really are able to make your mouth guard to suit yourself.

mouth guard bristol

A wide variety of colours and designs

Call us today if you wish to make an appointment to have a custom mouth guard fitted.